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Day 3 A Picture Of You And Your Friends

January 15, 2014

My friends..I have known these great group of girls for over 20 years.  We dont see each other often, but when we do its a blast.   I could not have a better group.   

Day 2: What Are Your Nicknames and How Did You Get Them

January 13, 2014

<span style="font-size: medium;" size="3">I have one nickname that has carried on until this day is...Drumroll

Punkin...yep 98% of my family calls me this.  It originated with my daddy..he said that I was him punkin.  Whenever a family member call me by my gubment name, it sounds funny.  I have to tell them, please dont..just call me punkin.  Some of closet friends call me this too.  I will never get too old to be called punkin.  Share with me your nicknames.


30 Days of Blogging A Picture of myself and 10 Facts

January 12, 2014

<span style="font-size: large;">Its been a while since I have updated this blog. I am now blowing dust off of it.  I have decided to challenge myself to do 30 days of blogging.  This is going to be a big challege for me because I am telling you, I am not good at things like this. I will say this, this will be a great oportunity to get back in the swing of things as far as writing.

1. I make my bed up every morning
2. I am very frugal/cheap
3. My favorite food is pizza
4. This is my 4th time going natural
5. I love all kinds of music
6. It takes me more than 2 days to watch a movie if I m watching it alone
7. I have a Bachelor Degree in Psychology
8. I am the youngest of 4
9. I want to relocate to a warmer state within the next 4 years
10. My mom died when I was 22


I Made It

July 22, 2013

<span style="font-size: medium;">Hey guys guess what?  I made it!! made what you ask, I made one year relaxer free.  Out of the 4 attemps at being natural, I have have never made it this far.  I always relaxe right before the one year mark.  This year has been very different this time around.  I really got a chance to know my hair, what I mean by know is that I took the time to really pay attention to "my" hair and not compare it to others.  As a new natural, you see pictures of all these hair styles and you just know when you try it your hair will look just like that.  When it doesn't, its frustrating and you start to question, is this really for me.  As of now, I am enjoying my journey, I have even dabbled into making youtube videos..yep your girl is on the tube...lol  This was kinda by default, but it got addictive and I am liking it.  It gives me a chance to interact in a different way, and it has kept me from getting frustrated with m hair.  I have met some wonderful people and some great connects within the last 10 months.  I my going to get back to my blogging so get ready...


Hello Friends

April 24, 2013

Hey everybody, how are you?  It has been 5 months since I have been here and its not because I forgot about you guys, its just I forgot my password.  Let see what has happened in the last five months?  Yes I am still natural and it will be a year next month.  My hair is doing great!  I am learning more about it everyday, lets see what else, o, I started a youtube channel thanks to KNH protective style channel.  I believe the channel is healping with my journey, it keeps me very interactive.  I am going to start back posting more frequently, because some of you guys here are not subscribed to my channel so I will update here. Here isthe most recent pictures of me..stay tuned because I will be posting more

This was my hair in Feburary.

Here is a sneak peak at my babies (curls)  this is a wash and go. They are behaving so well. 

Stay tuned for a more detailed look into my regimen...talk to you guys soon

Who I met

November 10, 2012



Picture 1- Me and Cassie from Natural Selection.  If you guys follow her blog, you know her hair cut is the bomb.  In person, there is no words to explain how fabo her and her hair looks.

<span style="font-size: large;">Picture 2- Me and CurlyNikki.  This girl rocks, I got the chance to chat with her and take a couple pf pictures.  She is the sweetest punkin in the patch.  Check out the link below, I was on the header with her on "the scoop" check me out yall

Picture 3 & 4- Me rocking my coils

Picture 5- Me looking cute, at least I thought so...lol</span>

It has been a month since the KNH protective/Low Manipulation challenge and so far so good.  It has also been a month (4 weeks) since I colored my hair as well.  I guess this will be a great way to track my growth for the next six months.  During the first month, I stuck with wash-n-go's.  Nothing new about them, if you seen one of my pictures then you have seen my wash-n-go's

Still I don't have a regi, but it works for me.


Starting with month two, I wanted to try something different...When i washed my hair on friday and applied my deep conditioner, my hands wondered up to my hair and this is what I ended up with




Yep, I was able to coil my hair all over, now this is with conditioner only.  When i woke up the next morning I un-coiled, ran my head under the shower, applied some ORS Curls Unleashed Set It Off Curl boosting Jelly. As of today, Thursday.. I have four day hair and it is super soft.  I really liked my results...Stayed tuned for a picture overload of the results.



September 28, 2012

Hi there everyone.....


Just stopping in with a couple of randoms, I celebrated my 37th birthday on the 11th of this month. 


 I did not do much, just hung out with some of my friends for drinks and food




I joined KNH/Divadeb protective/low manipulation style challege, and I colored my hair.



Just look over the gray aight!  :)

If you are interested in joining the challenge, here is the link to her youtube channel


I will be here updating as well as the you-tube channel I created for the challenge



Come join, or just check us out for the next 6 months...


 Until next time...


Curls Unleashed by Organic Root Stimulator (ORS)

September 15, 2012





I like!

Trying something New

September 03, 2012

Boy was I happy for this three day weekend!  OK, I have noticed that I have been spending entirly too much money in a week.  This consist of food, gas, lunch, Knick Knacks, and other things that I do not need.  Majority of this excessive spending comes from buying lunch everyday.  On an average, I spend 8.00 a day for lunch. So lets see 8x5=40.00 a week on just lunch! Yall I have to get a hold on this.  My goal for this week is to take lunch everyday (lord help me), so that means I have to cook right?  Okay another money issue.....when I get home from work I am tired, no really I am.  I have been working 10hr days so fast food has been my friend.  No more of that, I will be preparing dinner for this week (lord help me) so that I will be able to bring a lunch.

So for today, Monday, I have BBQ ribs, greens and mac and cheese.  This will also be lunch for tomorrow.  Wht do you guys do to stay on track of unnecessary spending?

Here are a couple of pics from today


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